Answers to the 1924 Thanksgiving Word Scramble

11.24.2022 Thanksgiving Special Part 2

[1] TRSIFU                                         FRUIT

[2] TSEWE SOOAETTP                    SWEET POTATOES

[3] SNTS                                             NUTS

[4] EEYLCR                                       CELERY

[5] EPKPPMNUII                              PUMPKIN PIE

[6] KCNCIEH UPOS                         CHICKEN SOUP                  

[7] RLEAY CKEA                             LAYER CAKE

[8] EANIRRREBSC                           CRANBERRIES

[9] YUTEKR                                      TURKEY

[11] EOSLVI                                      OLIVES

[10] LPMUDGNDUIP                       PLUM PUDDING

[12] RDABE                                       BREAD

[13] CILSEPK                                    PICKLES

[14] DCISEAN                                   CANDIES

[15] PIPEPLAE                                  APPLE PIE

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  1. Vickie says:

    It was kind of you to provide the answers!


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